IFA Paris Istanbul Organizes "Luxury Branding and Fashion" Webinar in partnership with BAUSEM

Haziran 8, 2021

The webinar on "Luxury Branding and Fashion", which was created in cooperation with BAUSEM, took place on Tuesday, May 25. The webinar, where ELLE Fashion Magazine Editorial Manager Suzan Yurdacan, Beymen Purchasing Manager Tuğçe Kaya, Victoria's Secret Visual Manager Damla Aktar and Designer / Influencer Tuvana Büyükçınar attended with the participation of 190 people, attracted great attention from fashion and luxury lovers.

IFA Paris Istanbul Founder and Manager, Adile Cretallaz, who is also a member of the IFA Paris Group Board of Directors, and BAUSEM Director Dr. Elif Çetin stated that they are proceeding with the same vision about the cooperation and that it is very valuable for both institutions that they act with the same global perspective. THey have both expressed that with the contributions of the cooperation, IFA Paris Istanbul will support the development of Bahçeşehir University and BAUSEM in the field of fashion and will provide the necessary training, in the same way, Bahçeşehir University will strengthen IFA Paris Istanbul's stance in both international and international arenas with the vision that the university is one of the few universities in Turkey on quality education and strong academic staff.

Speaking about joint trainings, IFA Paris Istanbul Academic Director İpek Artuz emphasized that the presence of IFA Paris Istanbul in Turkey is also quite essential for the production and creative industry. She also stated that Bahçeşehir University's perspective on technology is parallel to IFA Paris Istanbul's perspective on technology in the fashion industry.

In the webinar where guests conveyed their knowledge and experiences about "Luxury Branding and Fashion", ELLE Fashion Magazine Editor-in-Chief Suzan Yurdacan said, "The fashion world questioned itself with the pandemic. Accordingly, efforts are made to offer much more ethical, conscious and much more sensitive production. We reflect these issues in our magazine, so we do not only cover fashion and trends. The concept of luxury has also changed depending on the pandemic period. When it comes to luxury, the most expensive and most difficult to reach usually comes to mind. In fact, we realized that it is also related to emotion and experience," she said. Talking about the things they miss doing in journalism along with the pandemic, Yurdacan shared her feelings with the participants by saying, "We missed doing interviews face to face, shooting without masks and without testing, and most of all we missed ELLE events."

Tuvana Büyükçınar, who talked about the creation process of Tuvanam and other sub-brands, which she created herself in the field of Luxury Branding, said, "I have loved creating and working since my childhood. My closest friends were discipline and the feeling of willingness to come to this point. I wanted to bring things and we founded A46. With the experience I gained from the experiences I had abroad and the purchases I made, I had the chance to experience a lot about how to make a collection and which countries demand which products, and as a result, I attended Paris fashion week in 2005 with my first collection. This is how my adventure started. When different vision and different design come together with constant observation and discipline, you take your place in the market in branding. My brands are under the name of luxury brand. We say that everything that makes you feel good is luxury.

Beymen Purchasing Manager Tuğçe Kaya, who explained the secret of the success of the Beymen brand, which provides luxury and branding for Turkey with a wide experience both globally and locally, said, “We have a team that embraces and protects its business. At the same time, we are a brand that reacts very quickly to change and adapts. When these two facts come together, success emerges.

Damla Aktar, Visual Manager of Victoria's Secret, a brand that has hidden beautiful and special feelings underneath, said on behalf of luxury and brand, "Instead of women wearing plain white underwear, Victoria's Secret is a brand inspired by the glamor and luxury of the Queen Victoria era and has a story. Creating a luxury brand is a culture. As soon as we see its logo, we feel that message. We offer the customer emotion and experience apart from the tangible product it offers. It's like marketing a dream. Without that passion, neither the brand nor the luxury will be possible.”

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