DURATION: 3-year English, Turkish Program
CAMPUSES: Paris, Istanbul
TERM: 28 September 2020, January 2021
EDUCATION FEE / ANNUAL: € 8,400 Paris, € 7,400 Istanbul
QUOTATION: 25 Students per Class

"Behind every successful designer, there is a successful businessman"

DURATION: 3-year English, Turkish Program
CAMPUSES: Paris, Istanbul
TERM: 28 September 2020, January 2021
EDUCATION FEE / ANNUAL: € 8,400 Paris, € 7,400 Istanbul
QUOTATION: 25 Students per Class


"Behind every successful designer, there is a successful businessman"
Fee Structure
Program Structure

The Bachelor in Fashion Marketing has an innovative structure intimately linked with the industry’s evolution. The modules offer a systemic training, a constant challenge for all students, pacing each specific ability through individual assignments, teamwork and discovery of the industry.

Our objective is to promote critical thinking and honing of transferable skills to train future graduates that will be able to work within an unpredictable and dynamic environment.

The program is structured around 3 major components, each addressing functional themes:

The business modules allow students to acquire core competencies in the fields of marketing, management and finance.

The design-based modules provide a creative outlet to participants who acquire the necessary skills to navigate the specificities of the fashion industry.

The client projects, taken care of by our Career and Alumni Centre, are developed in conjunction with IFA Paris partners to reproduce the conditions of professional working environments students will be facing upon graduation.

Drawing from IFA Paris Pedagogical strategy, we also implement a holistic approach to education. The fashion industry is a high-paced and ever-changing environment with. Within the program structure we have included Personal Coaching and Mindfulness modules (a first in Fashion Education) to ensure that all students are going through an introspective phase since their first year, allowing them to set a clear path for their personal and professional development.

While the course is structured around unique module and learning experiences, the highlight is our faculty of skilled and motivated lecturers who come from more than 20 different countries. This veritable educational melting pot allows students to benefit from different cultural perspectives which, in turns, stimulates their propensity to analyse and solve issues in creative and unconventional ways.

For their third year, students have the possibility to choose between 3 separate specialization tracks

The traditional third year of the Bachelor of Fashion Marketing, during which students will develop their final year thesis on a brand extension launch

  • A specialization in Fashion Sustainability, during which students will be working on the restructuring of a brand’s business model and supply chain to improve its environmental impact (for more info redirect to Bachelor Fashion Sustainability)
  • A specialization in Fashion Tech, during which students will be asked to work on the development of a Tech addressing an issues identified within the realm of retail, customer experience, production, supply chain or Green Tech

Students enrolled within the IFA PARIS Bachelor in Fashion Marketing program also have the possibility to select the option of following the FEDE European Bachelor’s in Marketing at the end of the 2nd year of the Bachelor of Fashion Marketing program and receive a triple award:

  • The Bachelor of Fashion Marketing by IFA Paris
  • The European Bachelor’s in Marketing by FEDE*
  • The State accredited Diploma with level 6 registration with France Competence** (Previously known as RNCP) bearing the title of “Responsable Marketing et Commercial”

Students who are awarded the Level 6 accredited Diploma of "Responsable Marketing et Commercial" will benefit from a government body recognition certifying that their program is the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree. Holding a Level 6 Certification allows students to get entry into postgraduate programs offered by public universities. France Competence (or RNCP Certifications) is also recognized internationally by various regulatory bodies (QAA in the UK, YoK in Turkey, AQA in Australia, Chinese MOE, to name a few).

The 3 years structuring the course correspond to the 3 levels identified within the Higher Education Framework. The course is constructed in compliance with the Bologna Convention principles and grants participants, upon completion, a total of 180 ECTS (60 ECTS per year).

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* The FEDE is a supranational NGO with almost 500 Institutions of Higher and Professional Education. The FEDE enjoys participatory status with the Council of Europe. IFA Paris is a member school of the FEDE Network.

For more information on FEDE and IFA Paris’ membership, you can visit the following link:

** France Competence (previously known as RNCP) is a government body tasked to regulate academic trainings and formalizing professional career paths in France. One of their missions is to certify academic programs against their level of desirability and appropriateness benchmarked against the French labour market.

Admission requirements:

  • 18 years old minimum
  • High school graduate or equivalence
  • IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL IBT 65 (or equivalence) or proof of study in English, for non-native English speakers
    COVID-19 and Lockdown: We are aware that it is extremely difficult to obtain a language certificate with the current situation. IELTS has launched an online system to evaluate your English proficiency, IELTS Indicator. We accept this certificate and you can find more information on obtaining this certificate here.
  • Strong motivation in Fashion
  • Interview (on campus or Skype)

Documents to provide (in English or translated by a certified translator):

  • Fill in the online application form
  • Latest high school transcript
  • Copy of High school diploma or its equivalence
  • Motivation letter
  • Resume/CV
  • Passport photo
  • Copy of passport


Yearly tuition fee: €7,400
Legal assistance for Residence Permit application: €300

Payment Terms:

Full payment must be made before the course start.
Early bird discount (10%) for tuition fee payments for Paris and Istanbul, processed at least 7 months in advance of the course start date.

Year 1

Module Groupings:

Marketing Foundations: is where students are going to be introduced to the world of marketing in a broad frame.

  • Basic Marketing Principles
  • Consumer Behaviour - STP
  • Basic marketing Communication

Fashion Business: is the Module Grouping where students will be introduced to their career as entrepreneurs.

  • Basic Accounting and Statistics
  • Human Resources
  • Fashion Distribution Panorama

Fashion Environment: this is the very specific module to open the cores and specificities of a career in fashion, where students are guided to learn the basics of creation.

  • Fashion Thinking
  • Color Theory and Design
  • Fashion Trends
  • Textile Technology

Digital Fashion: is the Module Grouping that will challenge practical and electronic skills, needed to be proficiently owned by everyone in the industry.

  • EXCEL for Merchandising
  • Graphic Skills Part 1

Supporting Studies: Provides students with the tools necessary to develop their understanding of their personal, career and industry-based development.

  • Contemporary Fashion History: 
  • Fashion Disruption
  • Fashion News
  • Personal Coaching
  • Language (French in Paris, Turkish in Istanbul)

Year 2

Under the framework of Higher Education, the second year corresponds to a HE Level 5. In this stage of their learning experience students are invited to specialize in Fashion Marketing. The focus is put on marketing communications with a perfect blend between business and creative modules.

Module Groupings:

Marketing Foundations: This module grouping is structured around both strategic and operational perspectives of Fashion Marketing in order to give students a profound and innovative comprehension of their discipline.

  • Strategic Marketing:
  • Media Advertising and PR
  • Innovative Customer Experiences
  • Buying and Merchandising
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Fashion Coordination and Promotion

Fashion Business: this second instalment will allow students to further develop their business and entrepreneurial skills.

  • Finance and Budget
  • Digital Marketing
  • Global Social Economics and Emerging Markets
  • Market Research

Fashion Environment: the modules composing this second instalment focus on the construction of garments.

  • Sustainable Development Project
  • Enterprise, Product & Innovation

Supporting Studies: In the second year this module grouping represents a platform towards developing further students’ professional and creative skills in order to make them market ready for their third-year internship.

  • Creative Writing
  • Mindfulness
  • Language (French in Paris, Turkish in Istanbul)

Digital Fashion: students will implement the basics learnt during their first year module grouping in order to apply their skills to the creation of marketing collaterals.

  • Graphic Skills Part 2

Year 3:

Under the framework of Higher Education the third year corresponds to a HE Level 6. In the final process of their learning experience students will mobilize all the transferrable skills previously acquired in order to overcome challenges posed by the development of their own personal project. Students electing the Fashion Marketing specialization will be required to produce a comprehensive marketing plan with a focus on branding and communication strategies.

In conjunction, students will have to complete a period of internship so as to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical context.

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