Haziran 8, 2021
The webinar on "Luxury Branding and Fashion", which was created in cooperation with BAUSEM, took place on Tuesday, May 25. The webinar, where ELLE Fashion Magazine Editorial Manager Suzan Yurdacan, Beymen Purchasing Manager Tuğçe Kaya, Victoria's Secret Visual Manager Damla Aktar and Designer / Influencer Tuvana Büyükçınar attended with the participation of 190 people, attracted […]

Mayıs 6, 2021
IFA Paris Istanbul adds a new one to its existing education programs and continues to be the leading educational institution in the field of fashion and luxury in Turkey with its "Fashion Design and Technology" Undergraduate Program in Turkish. French origin IFA Paris Istanbul offers a creative and dynamic education period of 3 years to […]

Nisan 28, 2021
IFA Paris, which has been continuing its education life in Istanbul Campus since 2013 with the motto "We Love Your Talent", now offers you its short courses jointly conducted within the scope of the cooperation with Bahçeşehir University Continuing Education Center. BAUSEM and IFA Paris, aiming at absolute success with their expert trainers, by reading […]

Nisan 28, 2021
We came together with Meltem Özbek, who presented her Autumn / Winter collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul 2021, held on digital platforms, on Sunday, April 25, within the scope of IFA Paris Istanbul Instalive events. At the event, we talked about Meltem Özbek's career from yesterday to today and her collection called "Revival" […]

Nisan 28, 2021
Having campuses in Paris and Shanghai, French-origin IFA Paris continues to bring the world of fashion and luxury to its students at its new campus in Istanbul. Benefiting from the historical background of France and aiming to be a pioneer in the luxury and fashion sector, IFA Paris Istanbul cooperated with Bahçesehir University and started […]

Mart 17, 2021
The past year has seen the fashion world transform, innovating and disrupting to produce content that deviated from the traditional ideologies of fashion. To equip students with the necessary tools to adapt to these new circumstances, IFA Paris has modified its’ MBA Fashion Management program using the ingredients that make IFA Paris shine: French heritage […]

Mart 17, 2021
In 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic will accelerate industry trends, with shopping shifting to digital channels and consumers continuing to champion fairness and social justice. While the Covid crisis has had a devastating impact on businesses , it may also have accelerated responses that can lead to positive outcomes. Indeed, many fashion companies have taken time during the […]

Mart 5, 2021
1. Educate Yourself-Investigate your favorite stores for their corporate social responsibility claims. This will also give you an insight about what they are doing for sustainability. 2. Repair Your Old Clothes-Do no throw away your clothing and shoes if they rip or a heel breaks. Learn how to repair them or you can seek a […]

Mart 5, 2021
Cashmere sweater Environmental concerns are driving us all to multiply sustainable practices, particularly in the fashion world, where the negative impact on the environment is regularly pointed out. Factor analysis shows that ethical dressing is essentially based on 2 fundamentals: making responsible choices from the moment you buy your clothes, and knowing how to care […]

Şubat 6, 2021
Amidst the talks going around e-commerce doubling its share in luxury good market and social media becoming the essential online marketing strategy for every luxury brand, Bottega Veneta closed down its Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts without any explanation. The fashion scene was stunned. They had been just looking for a new global social media […]

Ocak 25, 2021
The year 2020 brought with it tremendous changes as the world was left grounded because of COVID-19, and the fashion industry was no exception. With many restrictions in place, including travel, many have had to adapt to the changes by rethinking how things are normally done. This included working remotely and focusing on a digital […]

Ocak 25, 2021
French fashion designer Pierre Cardin One of the great names in fashion is no longer with us... Pierre Cardin, a man of many talents, passed away at the end of this year, after 70 years of a career marked by risk taking and confirmed success. With a very visionary aestheticism, he has demonstrated his art, […]

Ocak 24, 2021
IFA Paris, distinguished for international degrees, especially in Luxury Fashion Management MBA and Fashion & Luxury Business Short Course, now takes a step forward in education and extends its perspective by giving consulting services to local and global brands. It is an evident fact that change today is undeniable. For any fashion company to catch […]

Ocak 23, 2021
IFA Paris Istanbul now offers their short courses in Turkish. Providing professional short courses for anyone who is interested in fashion or who has a career in the field and further improve themselves, IFA Paris Istanbul gives the opportunity to their students to experience IFA authenticity in education in their native language. IFA Paris answers […]

Ocak 22, 2021
It was possible to see what the past year has evolved in all sectors, especially in the fashion sector, but the concept of sustainability continues its life as an indispensable and challenging concept for brands. Whereas the pandemic continues to take place as a disaster in our lives, since most brands are not resilient enough […]

Aralık 30, 2020
We are in an era where sustainability has forced a transition and a transformation in fashion. Vintage clothing had been in decrease of demand since fast fashion took over the fashion world rapidly but the fashion world has gravitated towards alternatives, has started producing multi-functional designs and clothing from recycled items. Beside these environment friendly […]

Aralık 26, 2020
Lidl Sneakers At a time when the fashion industry is struggling to sell off its stock, some stores enjoy the luxury of having a number of stockouts! Is this a miracle recipe for such a phenomenon? A sales channel at the other end of the spectrum from traditional clothing shops, marketing based on drop culture […]

Aralık 25, 2020
SEO: In this monthly series, IFA Paris alumni share their success stories. Beatriz Orozco, MBA Fashion Business graduate, tells us about her job and her studies at IFA Paris In this monthly series, IFA Paris alumni share how their studies at IFA Paris have paved the way to land their dream job. This month, we […]

Aralık 25, 2020
DIY Furoshiki Wrapping Before Covid, the "fait soit même " trend was well under way, but it has become even more pronounced after successive confinements. The data on the DIY market are staggering! The economic, ethical and therapeutic triptych is constantly attracting new followers, and this Christmas, more than any other, should be placed under […]

Aralık 1, 2020
MeltemÖzbek, who was born and raised in Istanbul yet gained global recognition with her unique style, is welcomed by IFA Paris Istanbul after MBFWI to talk about the world of fashion and her career story. Meltem shared the beauty of living in Istanbul that had been an inspiration both for her designs and creative process, […]

Kasım 24, 2020
Niyazi Erdogan, who performed his expected digital fashion show on the first day of Istanbul Fashion Week, met with students at IFA Paris Istanbul campus. World-renowned designer Niyazi Erdoğan, who was our guest in the scope of "Fashion Talk", answered the questions after watching the fashion show with the students. He shared the aspirations he […]

Kasım 24, 2020
The 15th season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul (MBFWI) which entirely took place on digital platforms between October 12-16, with the endorsement of the Türkiye Promotion Group has ended. MBFWI, where everyone has the privilege to watch the fashion shows from, as if sitting in the front row, reached approximately 26 million impressions worldwide. […]

Kasım 22, 2020
And just like that, the first cohort of the Startup Program inside our fashion tech lab, Foundry Powered by IFA Paris, has already come to a close. The first batch of founders and entrepreneurs have paved the way for the second batch, whom commenced their entrepreneurial journey with us at the end of September. This next cohort is […]

Kasım 5, 2020
Another Covid 19 victim, Kenzo Takada, died on October 4, 2020 while the Fashion Week was going full swing. Tribute in the form of a "Chinese portrait" to the atypical stylist that he was, an eternal teenager with an extraordinary career, in love with nature and colors. Simply in love with life. If I were […]

Kasım 5, 2020
The Who's Next trade show is a rare event to be held during this period, and for the past 25 years it has become a must-attend event for all fashion professionals who want to savor the next trends. Established brands or emerging labels reveal to buyers, influencers, journalists, shopping desks or stylists what the future […]

Eylül 27, 2020
Recently, Turkish fashion photographers met success in different global projects. Photography, in a similar way as for fashion, is also affected by the changes that occur every year, every season. Nurdan Usta, one of the young Turkish fashion photographers recently involved in successful projects, shares with us her views on fashion photography and its evolution and […]

Eylül 23, 2020
The team inside our fashion tech innovation lab, Foundry Powered by IFA Paris, often meet with individuals trying to enter the world of fashion tech. Stella McCartney Quote However, these two industries speak very different languages. For example, fashion brands understand how to create collections, talk mood boards and what next seasons' trends will be; but […]

Eylül 23, 2020
With the new season, we are starting our new academic calendar. In Turkey, beginning of Covidien-19 period March 2020, IFA Paris made a rapid transition to e-learning , so students have successfully finalized the 2020 spring-summer period with distance learning without interrupting. As the academic team, we are excited and ready for the new school […]

Eylül 21, 2020
Niyazi Erdoğan, who has been blending global fashion trends and his cultural background in successful collections for more than 10 years, gave an exclusive interview to IFA Paris Istanbul right before his first digital fashion show for the MBFWI (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul) in September. Niyazi Erdogan, has been preparing collections for international brands such […]

Ağustos 21, 2020
Capital of contemporary fashion, Istanbul is also home to Haute Couture designers accustomed to catwalks in Paris, London or Milan – cities where some have inaugurated studios. Volume II of our review of Turkish designers at the top. Haute Couture is also on display in Istanbul! Several major fashion designers of luxury clothes loved in […]

Ağustos 15, 2020
Until recently, the catwalks for the next fashion weeks were being prepared behind the scenes. Various actors of the fashion industry were travelling around the world, skipping from one plane to another in search of new trends, new suppliers or fairy-tale locations to organize the next photo shoots. That was just a few weeks ago, […]

Ağustos 1, 2020
Efforts to make Istanbul a major and recognized fashion capital are paying off. Turkey has become the world's 5th largest textile exporter - Europe's second largest supplier - and Turkish designers and stylists are now emerging on the international scene, revealed by the many fashion events of the year organized in the most beautiful palaces […]

Haziran 21, 2020
A host of stylists, couturiers, fashion, accessories, decoration and luxury goods designers have made a hard-earned name for themselves in recent years, both in Istanbul and abroad. A rundown of Turkish designers’ accomplishments, in Istanbul as well as on the international stage. The premier episode of our series on some of the best designers, very […]
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