Career Opportunities


Accessory Designer, Costumer Designer, Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer, Technical Designer, Textile Designer, Colorist, Illustrator/Sketch Artist, Patternmaker, Pattern Grader, Fashion Editor, Forecaster, Fashion Stylist, Image/Wardrobe Consultant, Buyer, Fashion Producer/Director, Merchandiser, Sales Representative, Showroom Sales Representative/Owner, Clothing/Textile Technologist, Costumer Designer, Textile Artist.
Fashion Merchandiser, Fashion Marketing, Retail Buyer, Fashion Buyer, Fashion Stylists, Retail Merchandiser, Visual Merchandiser, Fashion Photographer, Marketing Director/Manager, Boutique/Store Owner, Sales Representative, Showroom Sales Representative, Agent, Art Director, Beauty Editor, Fashion Editor, Forecaster, Marketing Director/Manager, Writer.


Luxury Brand Management
Global Sourcing Manager, Fashion Trend Forecaster, Brand Manager, Retail Buyer, Boutique/Store Owner, Buyer, Fashion Producer/Director, Merchandiser, Business Manager.  
Fashion Business
Retail Buyer, Visual Merchandiser, Fashion Public Relation Specialist, E-commerce Specialist, Wardrobe Manager, Production Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Boutique/Store Owner, Fashion Producer/Director, Marketing Director/Manager.  

Alumni Testimonials

Hailey Ross: “IFA Paris gave me the confidence to start my own business”.

Stéphane Boghossian: “IFA Paris helped me to go through with my idea which was to appraise the in-estimable”

Dziedzorm Adjei:” Having graduated from IFA Paris was the most remarkable landmark and turning point in my life!”

Prea Vani Varma: “I knew that one day I would enrol at IFA Paris!”

Amy Gu: “Thanks to IFA Paris, I was able to use interesting classical Chinese embroidery to create my own collection!”

Valeria Bondar: “IFA Paris helped me to understand my passion for all things digital and e-commerce.”

Ehryl O’Rourke: “IFA Paris encourages us to step outside of our comfort zone!”

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